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Commercial proposition for dealers

Company “VR BŪVE” has long experience of producing cylinder balks. Our production is competitive regarding several features and is popular among not only domestic customers, but also outside Latvia. Our company invests a lot in constant modernization of machinery for wood processing and in increasing market share.

Company “VR BŪVE” offers you a mutually beneficial collaboration in the sphere of construction from cylinder balks.

We will be happy to collaborate with companies that are engaged in mass construction as well as with companies that work in private construction from cylinder balks regardless level of development of company or region.

In order to make collaboration comfortable and pleasant we offer our partners:
● wide range of production
● good prices
● discount on all complements
● flexible schemes of payments
● support program of big clients
● informational and technical support
● delivery of cylinder balks to any region
● free advertising materials (printed)
● free participation in all company's programs

There are no “big” or “small” clients for us. We give the same care to all regardless amount of order and we try to offer the best compromise between quality, price and terms of delivery.

You will always be able to receive consultation regarding any question you have about our products at “VR BŪVE” company. Experienced specialists based on your wants and technological possibilities will offer you a proposition of mutually beneficial collaboration.

We will try to create all conditions so that it is easy and pleasant to work with us.

You can find more information about our company and our services at our web page.

If you have potential customers get in touch with us!

We offer collaboration. Production of wood houses, bath-houses and garden houses complements. Information is on the web page.

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