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○ Projection Design project house
Our company is very profitable for our clients, who has chosen individual wooden house, because they are supplied completely with the documentation necessary for the assembly of wooden houses and baths at the earliest possible date.

Computer – modelling allows to avoid mistakes that usually appear by inaccurate modelling of the construction. Detailed documentation, that is adapted for selected manufacture, decrease possible defects by production. It is advantageous for both producer and client.

Planning documentation includes complete package of technological drawings, taking into account all technological requirements of our manufacture. Design project house Independent programs’ complex allows taking into account all peculiarities of different technologies and quickly changing the new version.

Our Company is capable of implementing a design project of your future house. Designing is carried out on the basis of plans, sketches, and photos or in compliance with your preferences. If you have the project of your future house or some other information about the house, you can write us by e-mail ( and we will prepare the design project of the house at the earliest possible date.

By signing a contract for building of a log-house or a house, the cost of designing is included in the amount of the contract.

Design project house The project comprises:
■ Storey layouts
■ Foundation plan
■ Roofing plan
■ Facades
■ A house walls development
■ Log-house parts specifications
■ 3 D house image projecting on the screen

For increase in the image press a picture.

Design project house Design project house
Design project house Design project house
Design project house Design project house

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