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Main advantage of cylinder balk is its round form that allows dense connection.
High accuracy of manufacturing allows to avoid true to regular balks alteration of sequence and laborious adjustment. Profiled cylinder balks in the process of ageing are deformed less. Due to same diameter and high quality of surface processing cylinder balks do not require additional processing. Wooden houses from cylinder balks have attractive and stylish outlook.

At the first glance manufacturing of cylinder balks is very easy. But its only at the first glance. Technology In order to make your house warm and beautiful a lot of work has to be done. Firstly balks have to be sorted with very high quality. Balks have to be healthy, strong and quite even. After balks have been sorted according to quality they have to be sorted regarding diameter. It is a very important moment as wrong sorting negatively affect the quality of cylinder balks. Manufacturing of cylinder balks includes several steps. Firstly we prepare balks (peel of the crust and thin layer of timber). Then balks are being ventilated for not less than one month. From such balks cylinder balks are made.
Now relieve and longitudinal slots are being carved and cups are being made. In cups balks of two wall connect and make a lock. Cup slots are slots that are made in the form of cups, that are carved using special corner machine. Cup slots are very important elements of cylinder balks. Many producers do not pay attention to it. But correct cup slots directly influence the warmness of your house. It is obligatory to make cup slot with a socket or an additional slot because if the diameter of the bulk and the cup is the same the material is squeezed and conduction of warmness becomes bigger. “Correct” corner cups hold warmness very well because in the centre of the corner there is air pillow.
When the balk dries it yields a bit and fractures are natural. Therefore a relieve slot is carved at the top of the balk so that fractures form there. Relieve slot allows to conceal deep fractures. Yielding of the balks that is connected with drying process occurs in optimal regime without forming fractures. Therefore fractures form in invisible part of the balk. Additionally relieve slot with fractures from the centre of the balk form another air pillow that has very low warmness conduction. Therefore hose becomes warmer. Longitudinal slot is carved at the bottom of the balk. Balk of one wall are being connected trough this slot. When the house is assembled a special material is placed in this slot in order to avoid gaps between balks.

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